What are your opening hours?

We’re open Wednesday to Sunday. Please see specific opening times for the different parts of the site here.

Is the site covered & protected from the elements?

We have both indoor and outdoor seating so are prepared for any weather.

How many bars are there?

There are 6 bars located on site.

What are the food options?

There are eight Street Food vendors, 2 facing the Thames and 6 indoors.

Do we have to order food?

Not at all, you’re welcome to just come for the drinks but we would heavily recommend trying out the delicious food on offer!

Can I use cash?

We do not take cash.

Is there an entrance fee?

Between the Bridges is free to enter

Do you have to be over 18 to enter?

You only need to be over 18 to enter on Friday and Saturday nights from Sunday – Thursday everyone is welcome!

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed all day Sunday – Thursday. On Friday & Saturdays dogs are allowed until 6pm.

Do you accept AMEX?

Yes we will.

Do you have lost property?

If you have lost something at Between The Bridges please contact info@betweenthebridges.co.uk

Are there any prohibited items?

The following items are prohibited at the event, We reserve the right to prohibit any other item if in the reasonable opinion of the organisers it could constitute a risk to safety or security.

  • Food and Drink – You may not bring any food or drink (including alcohol) to the event with the exception of sealed bottles of water up to 500ml in size. Water points are available on site, re-useable water bottles are permitted.
  • Drugs / Controlled Substances – A drugs search is in operation at the event entrances, any drugs will be found, you will be ejected and passed to the police
  • New psychoactive substances “legal highs’ are strictly forbidden at the event and following the introduction of the Psychoactive Substances Act on 26 May 2016, could result in penalties for possession or supply.
  • Filming equipment – unauthorised professional photography or filming equipment
  • Large bags – Suitcases, luggage and large bags (anything bigger than a canvas shopping bag / overarm bag) are prohibited and there are no cloakroom facilities at the event. You can leave your bags at one of Stasher’s hundreds of left luggage locations (within walking distance of festival).
  • Glitter – the event organisers are committed to minimising the impact of the event on the park environment, containers of glitter will be confiscated on arrival.
  • Dangerous items – the following are considered dangerous and are not permitted.
    • Drones
    • Glass in any form
    • Cans or metal containers
    • Spray cans, Gas cannisters or compressed gas in any container
    • Fireworks, flares, smoke cannisters, Chinese lanterns
    • Camping stoves or cooking apparatus, explosives
    • Hand held communication devices such as radios, radio jammers / scanners
    • Firearms, knives or blades, replica weapons of any sort
    • Large golf umbrellas
    • Stools / camping sticks / chairs or other furniture
    • Gazebos or parasols
    • Sports equipment
    • Flags and banners
    • Megaphones, amplification equipment
    • Klaxons, airhorns or other similar items capable of making loud noise
    • Laser pens
    • Scooters, skateboards, bicycles
    • Hi-visibility tabards or similar

What is the bag policy at Between The Bridges?

To make your entry as quick as possible we recommend that you do not bring a large bag. Any bags larger than a standard rucksack size are prohibited, there are no cloakroom facilities available. You can leave your bags at one of Stasher’s or Radical’s hundreds of left luggage locations (within walking distance of Between The Bridges), for more details visit www.stasher.com or www.radicalstorage.com

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