Greysha delivers a dream-like composition, binding her looming melodies and soulful lyrics into her music. From her Alt-Pop roots, her imminent electric melodies resonate softly and depict a dark, passionate presence. Greysha’s music carries a cinematic twist which exports listeners into a world of their own.

Born in Norfolk, Greysha moved to Shropshire, UK , at the age of two where she grew up. At the current age of 19, she has found motive within her music, using this to channel her thoughts and tell stories.

Nurturing her listeners to accept their dark beauty and rawness, Greysha aims to connect with her listeners- the complex, the messy, the dark – to provide them with music that transports them to a world of their own.

Fans of Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Halsey will be well at home with Greysha’s wavy sounding guitars, alternative sounds and compelling lyrics.

Greysha devotes herself to her music and is excited about her future as a musician. “

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